Our industrial plant offers an installed capacity to process 1,500 cattle per day

Industrial comercial San Martín s.a. is a Nicaraguan company dedicated to the processing and commercialization of bovine meat and its derivative products.
We began operations in 1975. Our main industrial plant is located in the municipality of Nandaime, Nicaragua.

We are commited to the improvement of products and care of our clients, emphasizing on quality, technological innovation, hygiene, process control and the environment; we offer processed beef under the strictest international standards, our more than 900 employees are permanently and constantly trained in complying with the norms and meeting the requirements of the market.

We have an installed industrial capacity to process 1,500 cattle per day and  a capacity to store up to 2.0 million pounds of refrigerated and frozen products destined for our different markets.

The quality of Carnes San Martín starts from its sourcing of livestock. We have more than 2,000 livestock suppliers throughout the country, whom year after year choose to offer their best pasture fed cattle, mostly Brahman and Brown Swiss breed with an average age between 24-36 months old.